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The Center On Executive Compensation conducts surveys with two primary goals in mind: (1) Surveys allow the Center to ensure its policy and best practice efforts accurately reflect its subscriber-base; and (2) Surveys provide Center members with useful information about how their peers approach executive compensation and corporate governance in practice.

Below is a list of the most recent and relevant surveys conducted by the Center:

Pay Versus Performance & Clawbacks Disclosure Planning
November 4, 2022

As CHROs, Heads of Total Rewards, and Compensation Committees plan for disclosures, we conducted a survey to get a sense of the options member companies are considering.

The Evolving Role of the Head of Total Rewards
November 1, 2022

Analysis of survey results of nearly 100 total rewards leaders and a series of interviews with fourteen heads of total rewards and others who work closely with them.

Results of Center Member Survey: Equity Based Long-Term Incentive
July 8, 2022

A survey regarding practices around awarding and communicating to participants about equity long-term incentive compensation plans.

Center Quick Survey Results: 2022 Annual Incentive Plan Design
April 20, 2022

Our periodic survey on annual incentive plan design. This year’s focus is on performance measurement, tracking, and the role of individual performance.

Center Quick Survey Results: Changes to Compensation Programs 2022
February 4, 2022

Our annual survey to members regarding changes to compensation plans for the past year and the coming year. This year, we also included a question on how the inflationary environment is impacting compensation planning.

Center Quick Survey Results: Compensation Committee Charters and Consultant Practices
October 29, 2021

Survey on the expanding remit of the Compensation Committee and current practices on selecting a compensation consultant. Data on the expanding responsibilities of the Compensation Committee, especially in the areas of human capital management, talent strategy, and diversity, equity & inclusion (DEI). The survey also covers consultant costs and process.

Quick Survey Results: Talent Impacts on Compensation
September 10, 2021

Survey on the impacts of competition for talent on compensation. This survey explores whether the expectations of potential job candidates are incongruous with existing compensation policies.

Quick Survey Results: Executive Titling and Board Service
July 16, 2021

This survey explores how and when companies classify an employee as an executive. Additionally, the survey examined member policies on employees serving on outside company boards.

Quick Survey Results: Long-Term Equity Treatment
May 7, 2021

This survey explores which levels of employee receive equity and in which form, as well as how equity is treated in the event an employee leaves the company and stock ownership guidelines.

Quick Survey Results: Pay Equity Practices
March 26, 2021

This survey explores how companies analyze pay equity internally, communicate pay equity with employees, and address concerns when they arise.

Quick Survey Results: Changes to Compensation Programs 2021
February 12, 2021

View results of the Center On Executive Compensation's annual member survey regarding changes to their compensation plans for the past year and the coming year. This year, we also sought data on whether changes were made directly in response to COVID-19 and if Diversity & Inclusion or ESG metrics were being added to plans.

Quick Survey Results: COVID-19 Impacts 2020 & 2021
October 31, 2020

Quick Survey Results: Diversity & Inclusion Metrics
July 31, 2020

Quick Survey Results: COVID-19 Response
June 12, 2020

Quick Survey Results: COVID-19 Response
April 3, 2020

Quick Survey Results: Perquisites
March 6, 2020

Quick Survey Results: Restrictive Covenants
February 14, 2020

Quick Survey Results: Financial Adjustments
December 6, 2019 

Quick Survey Results: Severance and Change-in-Control
September 13, 2019 

Quick Survey Results: Performance Differentiation in Long-Term Incentive Awards
August 1, 2019 

Quick Survey Results: Off-Cycle Equity Grants
June 6, 2019 

Quick Survey Results: 10b5-1 Plans
April 16, 2019 

Quick Survey Results: Changes to Compensation Practices 2018-19
February 8, 2019 

Quick Survey Results: Long-Term Equity Grants and 2019 Merit Budgets
December 7, 2018 

Quick Survey Results: Financial Counseling and Compensation Committee Charter
October 5, 2018

Quick Survey Results: Impact of Tax Reform
July 27, 2018

Quick Survey Results: Compensation Consultant Costs
June 29, 2018

Quick Survey Results: Annual Incentive Plan Design
May 4, 2018

Quick Survey Results: Changes in Compensation Practice 2018
February 2, 2018

Quick Survey Results: Long-Term Incentive Practices
December 29, 2017

Quick Survey Results: Buyouts, Clawbacks and Director Benefits
November 17, 2017

Quick Survey Results: Metrics, Target Setting, and Discretion and Exceptions
October 20, 2017

Quick Survey Results: Pay Ratio Implementation and Communication
July 28, 2017

Quick Survey Results: Severance and Change-in-Control
June 9, 2017

Quick Survey Results: Financial Adjustments
April 21, 2017

Quick Survey Results: Wells Fargo Responses and Director Pay
December 2, 2016

Quick Survey Results: Merit Increases and Identity Theft Protection
October 21, 2016

Quick Survey Results: 2016-17 Changes to Compensation Practice
August 26, 2016

Quick Survey Results: Compensation Consultants and 162(m) Umbrella Plans
July 8, 2016

Quick Survey Results: Stock Buybacks and Equity Buyouts
May 4, 2016

Quick Survey Results: LTI Grant Practices and Salary Ranges
April 22, 2016

Quick Survey Results: Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation Plans
March 25, 2016

Quick Survey Results: Long-Term Incentive Plans and Foreign Exchange Rates
December 11, 2015

Quick Survey Results: Stock Ownership Guidelines
July 31, 2015

Quick Survey Results: Severance and Change-in-Control Practices
May 22, 2015

Quick Survey Results: 2014-2015 Changes in Compensation Practices
April 3, 2015

Quick Survey Results: Acquisition Incentives, Executive Physicals and Director Travel
December 29, 2014

To request the Center conduct a survey on an executive compensation or corporate governance topic, please contact Ani Huang ([email protected]).

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