Membership FAQs

How does an HR Policy Association membership work?

For a single annual fee, the HR Policy Association provides organization-wide membership benefits to CHROs and their teams. HR Policy Members get exclusive benefits and the opportunity to access premium content memberships. More details on the HR Policy Association Membership benefits are available here.

Is HR Policy Association just for Chief Human Resource Officers?

HR Policy Association is the premier Association of Chief Human Resources Officers. Certain HR Policy events and resources are limited to only CHROs. Additionally, CHROs serve as the primary representative of a member company.

However, the membership is organization-wide and the vast majority of member CHROs have broad participation in HR Policy by members of their teams.

What are the benefits of an HR Policy Association membership?

The HR Policy Association Membership offers a robust set of benefits for CHROs and their teams. Discover more about the Association's: 

What team members do CHROs usually include in the HR Policy Association membership?

Many of our CHROs choose to include a broad range of their colleagues in the HR Policy Association membership. HR Policy Association provides substantial benefits which may be useful for key direct reports of the CHRO, like the Head of Total Rewards, Benefits, Talent, Diversity, Regional HR Leaders, and Labor and Employment Counsels. HR Policy Members are welcome to add as many of their team members as they would like.

What are the "Premium Membership" offerings available to HR Policy Association members?

For an additional annual membership fee, HR Policy Members have access to two additional premium content offerings: The Center On Executive Compensation and HR Policy Global. Learn more about: 

Are there any requirements to join HR Policy Association?

The HR Policy Association’s nearly 400 members represent a diverse array of company industries and sizes. The typical HR Policy Association member has at least two of the following characteristics:

  • The company has an active Chief Human Resources Officer.
  • The company employs at least 1,500 employees.
  • The company has annual revenues exceeding $1 billion USD.
  • The company operates in multiple international jurisdictions.

How do I join HR Policy Association?

If you would like to join the HR Policy Association, please click here and fill out the membership application form and a member of the HR Policy team will reach out to you promptly.