In partnership with the United States and Mexico, Canada plays a vital role in the North American market and the Western Hemisphere economy as whole for many global companies. 

Despite its many economic ties to its southern neighbors, however, Canada presents a much different labor and employment landscape that can create unique challenges to CHROs and labor relations executives with operations in the country.

Among these challenges include an increasing array of worker protections that are often beyond the scope of what is required in American jurisdictions, including increasing minimum wages, workplace harassment legislation, and increased regulation of the gig economy and platform workers. 

Human resource management in Canada is further complicated by the country's legal framework, which leaves much of Canda's labor and employment lawmaking in the hands of provincial and local government. This division of power between the country's provinces and federal government often requires CHROs to be able to navigate disparate and changing labor and employment laws across the different jurisdictions within Canada itself. 

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