China, Japan & Asia-Pacific

The APAC region, including the major global economies of Japan, South Korea, China, and Australia, is a fundamentally important area for multinational employers. Similar to Europe, HR challenges in Asia are generally viewed as having a more union and employee-friendly regulatory and legal environment. However, without the unifying glue of the European Union, there exists an even wider variance of how individual countries have approached the relevant legal frameworks which impact the jobs of CHROs and Senior HR Leaders.

On top of legal and regulatory frameworks, cultural norms in the APAC region can vary significantly from the west and have a significant impact on HR practices. Company culture, as well as recruitment and talent retention practices, can differ significantly than in the U.S.

Known first for its government and second for its pro-employee employment and labor law framework, China presents the dominant economy in the region. The country is fundamentally important from both a labor market as well as its robust and important customer market.

Australia presents another important economy in the region. With its language, government and common law framework providing familiarity to Western companies, the country provides a very stable and attractive area for investment.

China and South Korea are the final examples of the many countries in the APAC region covered by HR Policy and our Global premium membership program. Each country provides another common place where HR Policy members have a significant presence. HR and Labor developments in each are important and worth monitoring.

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