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When it comes to the changing workplace, there's no shortage of information - surveys, articles, white papers and more. Our goal is to sort through a seemingly overwhelming amount of material and help you make sense of it. The Evolving Workplace Library selects and organizes the best and most relevant resources, providing you quick and efficient access to the latest thinking on a variety of topics. Each item in the library also has a short description, so that you can tell quickly whether it's of interest to you.

We've tagged these resources using four categories:

  • People and Culture:  What is the impact of the changes in how and where work gets done on the people doing and managing the work? What are the implications for organization structure, specifically how teams/groups function? What do the changes mean for an organization's culture? How will the changes shape how we identify and select leaders? What new or different skills will be needed? What will be the impact on worker well-being?
  • HR Processes, Policies and Compliance:  What is the impact of the changes in how and where work gets done on existing HR processes and policies? For example, how will recruiting and onboarding change? What will performance management processes look like? What are the implications for legal compliance? What are the potential public policy implications?
  • Business Operations and Administration:  What is the impact of the changes in how and where work gets done on the operations of the business, including non-HR administrative activities? What changes will take place in a company’s approach to real estate? Will there be changes in business models driven by the new way of working? 
  • Technology:  How is technology impacting and enabling changes in how and where work gets done? How will this continue to evolve? How will technology impact people, culture, teams, processes?

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