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HR Policy Member Surveys

Below is a list of the most recent and relevant surveys conducted by HRPA:

HRPA's Annual CHRO Survey on Key HR Challenges and Priority Issues 
March 13, 2024 

Results of this survey help identify the key human resources challenges facing employers. Responses are critical to informing HRPA's meeting and webinar agendas, educational content, and advocacy work. This year’s survey is focused on AI and related technologies in the workplace, and company responses to ESG backlash.

HRPA's Mid-Year Survey on Priority CHRO Issues 
September 5, 2023 

Prior to our September Washington Policy Conference, the Association conducts a survey to identify the most pressing challenges and opportunities facing CHROs and HR executives today. This year’s survey focuses on ESG and social change; workforce and employee relations; implications for corporate DE&I programs following the Harvard decision; and AI and related technologies in the workplace.

Artificial Intelligence and Related Technology 
June 1–8, 2023 

Responses from this survey on AI and related technology will help to inform HR Policy's comments to the White House and Commerce Department's requests for information to learn more about the automated tools used by employers to surveil, monitor, evaluate, and manage workers, as well as AI accountability policy.

Non-Competes & Restrictive Covenants  
January 11–26, 2023 

This survey was sent to gather data on member use of non-compete clauses and other restrictive covenants to inform our comments on the FTC's proposed rule.

Impact of Inflation on Compensation Strategies & Company Approaches to Pay Transparency 
December 5–12, 2022 

This survey was sent to gather data on the impact of inflation on HR and compensation strategies as well as company approaches to pay transparency.

2022 Mid-Year CHRO Survey Results (requires login)
August 1-16, 2022

Each summer prior to our September Washington Policy Conference, the Association conducts a Mid-Year CHRO Survey linked to the issues that will be discussed at the upcoming meeting. This year’s survey focused on health equity and wellbeing, updated data on reproductive benefits following the Dobbs decision, and global and domestic trends on employee relations and ESG.

Impact of Inflation on Employment and Compensation
July 11-20, 2022

This survey was sent to gather data on whether companies are making changes to their HR and compensation strategies in anticipation of a potential recession, continuing inflation, and labor shortages.

Survey Results: Supreme Court Reproductive Rights Decision: Impact on Employers
June 27-July 5, 2022

This survey was sent to gather data on abortion coverage and travel assistance in member health plans as well as how companies are thinking about communications in the wake of the Supreme Court Reproductive Rights decision.

Survey Results: Evolving Workplace
May 9-23, 2022

This survey explores how employers are evolving their culture and talent approaches, work arrangements and workplace practices to address employee expectations for greater flexibility in the post-pandemic environment.

Survey Results: Return to Office Approach and Vaccine and Masking Requirements
March 21-29, 2022

This survey explores how companies are approaching return to office for workers who can work remotely and any updates to your mask and vaccine requirements as state and federal restrictions are lifted.

Survey Results: Diversity and Inclusion Practice and Staffing
January 4-13, 2022

View results of the Council on Inclusion and Diversity's member survey regarding the structure and staffing for our members' diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives.

Survey Results: Updates on Employer Vaccine Approaches
December 8-14, 2021

Survey Results: Survey on 2022 Merit Increases
November 18-24, 2021

Survey Results: Employer Responses to Vaccine Mandate
October, 2021

Survey Results: Employer Responses to the Delta Variant
August, 2021

Survey Results: Including Juneteenth as a Scheduled Company Holiday
July 6, 2021

Survey Results: New Mask Protocols
May 25, 2021

Survey Results: Return to Work
April 13, 2021

Survey Results: SEC Human Capital Metrics 10-K Reporting
November 3, 2020

Survey Results: Member Responses to Racial Justice Movement and Police Brutality Protests
June 17, 2020

To request HRPA to conduct a survey, please contact Tim Bartl ([email protected]).

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