The CHROs' Connection to Cutting Edge HR Policy & Practice

The HR landscape changes by the minute. Chief Human Resources Officers and their teams need a resource to provide support, information, network, and advocacy - they need HR Policy Association.

The HR Policy Association membership offers extensive, company-wide benefits for a single annual fee. No other group offers the same combination of networking and information customized for today's HR Executive.  

A summary of the extensive benefits is provided below and by the other pages available in the menu.    

  • Newsletter and Email Notifications: Curated content on the latest HR policy and practice developments is regularly emailed to our members and accessible online. The Association’s marquee "News for CHROs" newsletter arrives every Friday afternoon and provides members with a comprehensive and meaningful summary of each week’s developments!

  • Events and Seminars: HR Policy hosted over 100 virtual events during 2020 on the most important topics for CHROs and HR Executives. For almost all online events, attendance is free with your membership. Watch your email for announcements or login to our website and click on Events to view upcoming sessions and register.

  • The CHRO Summit and Washington Policy Conference: HR Policy’s marquee conference offerings, the CHRO Summit takes place every March and the Washington Policy Conference every September. Each year, 100s of CHROs and HR Executives attend these annual conferences to network and learn about the latest HR practice and public policy developments.

  • The CHRO Network: HR Policy Association member CHROs have access to special CHRO-only educational seminars through our CHRO Impact program. Additionally, through our CHRO Dinner Network program, CHRO members can attend our periodic networking dinners at fine restaurants throughout the major metropolitan US regions

  • Online Communities: Check out HR Policy Online, an online community exclusively for HR Policy Members. Connect with your peers and get your questions answered!

  • Committees and Councils: HR Policy offers multiple subject-matter groups for members to participate in, like the Future Workplace Policy Council. Sign up for free today!

  • Premium Membership Offerings: HR Policy members have access to additional premium initiatives which offer expanded membership benefits. Check out the Center On Executive Compensation Membership and HR Policy Global Membership pages for more information

Interested in learning more about the HR Policy Association? Click here to fill out the online application to begin the process to see if HR Policy is a fit for you and your company.