Employee Wellbeing

At the center of every successful organization are its people. Understanding the whole person allows organizations not only to take care of their employees, but to set them up for success in their professional lives.  Corporate wellness programs that involve both physical, mental, and financial health are invaluable tools employers can use to ensure employee wellbeing, both personally and professionally. 

HR Policy members view wellness programs as an important strategy for promoting health and productivity, increasing employee engagement and reducing health care costs.  More specifically, HR Policy members are focused on improving mental health benefits for their employees.  We have partnered on mental health policy and practice initiatives through collaborations with The Path Forward, Total Brain and the National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention, among others. To read more about our mental and behavioral health initiatives, please visit our page on The Path Forward.

Our partnership with Total Brain allows HR Policy Association members to provide employees with a platform to track and improve their mental health through brain training games.  

HR Policy Association and the Institute support federal policies that improve access to affordable, effective and timely behavioral health care. We also support policies that fuel tailored workplace wellness programs and encourage employers to start other employee-friendly initiatives.

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