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The nature of work continues to evolve as emerging technologies create new approaches to the way work is done. Such fast-paced change has created gaps between the newer needs of employers and workers and the current landscape of employment law. The emergence of the gig economy in particular has created new and difficult policy changes.

HR Policy supports employment law and policy that has the flexibility to adapt to this continuously changing landscape and which allows American companies to remain as competitive as possible domestically and globally.

HR Policy opposes many recent efforts to extend liability to employers for violations involving those who are not their employees. This includes efforts to expand joint employer liability which would expose companies to violations and labor disputes involving employees whose working conditions are controlled by a separate employer, as well as efforts to eliminate the independent contractor status and the flexibility such work arrangements provide for both workers and employers.

HR Policy readily understands the challenges the gig economy poses in ensuring adequate access to health care and other necessary benefits, and supports solutions that provide adequate safety nets for contingent workers while preserving their contractor status that is beneficial for all stakeholders

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