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HR Policy members and their teams work hard to provide benefit programs to their employees and retirees. The Association partners with members to develop benefit solutions like the use of health care savings accounts that meet the needs of employees that are currently not adequately addressed by the market. We support changes to health savings accounts (HSAs) for high-deductible health plans (HDHPs) that provide employees with greater flexibility in how they use their HSA dollars.

Carriers, consultants and other key players in health care offer a broad range of services to large employers. However, when the marketplace is not responsive to employer concerns, the members of the HR Policy Association look to the Health Care Policy Roundtable to either motivate the marketplace to improve its offerings or develop proprietary solutions for active employees and retirees. Two important initiatives launched by the Health Care Policy Roundtable are Retiree Health Access ® (RHA ®) and National Health Access ®.

In 2006, HR Policy launched RHA in collaboration with Aetna, exclusively for HR Policy members’ companies. Since then, RHA has served more than 70 employees and over 150,000 retirees. RHA is a unique integrated solution for pre- and post-65 group coverage options. The program also includes a multi-carrier individual post-65 solution.

National Health Access ® was developed by the Health Care Policy Roundtable and Aetna to respond to the need for affordable health care for America’s service workers. Marriott International, a leading member of HR Policy Association, is a key driver in this collaboration, which is exclusively available to HR Policy Association members. Large employers have the ability to influence the cost and quality of health care for their employees, but franchisees typically have less influence in the marketplace.

National Health Access ® specifically addresses the concerns of the hospitality and service industry franchisee market. The program intends to support franchisees by advocating for solutions tailored to this demographic from a cost, quality, and capabilities perspective.

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