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"A Walk on the Wild Side" Podcast

Managing employee relations in global and millennial times... 10 minutes at a time 

Alan Wild, author and narrator of HR Policy Association's "A Walk on the Wild Side(Opens in a new window)" podcast, is a leading expert and practitioner in global employee relations. Over a long career, Alan has led global employee relations for Guinness, IBM, and Amazon; he was a member of the Governing Body of the International Labour Organization and later its CHRO; and has conducted consulting assignments in more than 100 countries and for many of HRPA's nearly 400 CHRO members. Listen to the podcast here.

Webinar Videos

Below is a collection of pre-recorded webinars discussing topics of utmost importance to HR Policy Global members. These videos are a member resource to be used for benchmarking and insight into current global HR issues.

Update on Korean Labor Regulations and Environment | August 2023

Hear a perspective on Korean labor reforms and their potential impact on employers and the labor environment.

November 2022 | Time: 17:32

Global Supply Chain & Forced Labor Webinar | November 2022

Wen Dong, Director of Global Affairs at HRPA, and Auret van Heerden, Founder and CEO of Equiception, discussed recent developments around the global supply chain and forced labor, including a new EU ban on products made under forced labor and China’s move to ratify two ILO conventions on the topic. They also talked about challenges global companies face when managing their sourcing operations and what options they have during this process.

August 2023 | Time: 1:14:16

Australian Workplace Relations Discussion | November 2022

HR Policy Global's Michelle Swinden discusses the complexities of the Australian employee relations and industrial relations environment and key compliance issues with IBM Australia's Cheryl Power.

November 2022 | Time: 36:40

Japan Gender Pay Disclosure Webinar | August 2022

As Japan struggles with a decline in population growth, additional steps are being taken to increase the participation of women in the workplace through proactive employer plans and disclosures. Asia Pacific Global Members took the opportunity to hear from our colleagues at Jones Day Tokyo regarding the 2022 amendment to the 2016 Act on Promotion of Women’s Participation and Advancement in the Workplace.

August 2022 | Time: 1:02:53

HR Policy Global Pulse - The BPO Industry in the Philippines Webinar | August 2022

Webinar discussion hosted by HR Policy Global's Michelle Swinden on the Philippines Business Process Outsourcing Industry with HRPA Global Members (IBM & Google) and an external leader from the IT & Business Processing Association.

August 2022 | Time: 59:24

BEERG Byte #42 Collective Bargaining Making A Comeback | August 2022

In this episode Tom Hayes and Rick Warters discuss ideas around unionisation and collective bargaining, specifically the the proposed EU Directive on minimum wage protections which promotes collective bargaining.

August 2022 | Time: 22:28

BEERG Byte #41 – UK LR Developments | July 2022

Tom Hayes chats with Vince Toman and David Hopper of Lewis Silkin LLP about UK legal developments, including the aftermath of the P&O Ferry dispute; the decision in the Tesco “fire and rehire” case, and the government law change to allow companies to bring in agency workers to replace striking employees.

July 2022 | Time: 30:27

Russia Ukraine HR Issues HR Policy Global Interview with Sergio Caredda | April 2022

Watch as HR Policy's Wenchao Dong interviews Sergio Caredda, Former Chief People Officer, Italian Retailer OVS S.p.A. and creator of community-sourced information site, HR For Ukraine, about crisis management during the Russia-Ukraine war.

April 2022 | Time:14:20


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