American Health Policy Institute

About HRPA's American Health Policy Institute

Founded in 2014, the American Health Policy Institute is a health care focused think tank within the HR Policy Association, established to examine the impact of health policy on large employers.  

The Institute explores policies that impact the ability of employers to provide quality, affordable health care to employees and their dependents.  

All HR Policy Association members enjoy access to the resources and expertise provided by the Institute with their membership.

The CHROs Health Care Reform Resource: As health care reform reemerges as a key issue for policymakers, the Institute will stand as a credible voice representing the interests of large employers, who provide coverage for half of all Americans. As part of its mandate, the Institute monitors and engages with legislators, staff and administration officials to advocate member perspectives on key issues, providing in-depth analysis of the potential impact on employer-sponsored coverage.

Access to the resources and expertise provided by the Institute is included in the HR Policy Association Membership

Expertise and Resources On Health Care: Leveraging their years of experience in both the public policy and practice aspects of health care, the Institute staff plays an important role in helping to shape policies that preserve and strengthen employer- sponsored coverage. The Institute offers timely and relevant communications, online webinars, and educational opportunities for CHROs on the strategic context of health care—in the form of papers, presentations, and small group discussions. Key issue areas include: 

  • Price transparency 
  • Implication of the tax code on employer-sponsored care, and 
  • Expanding access to mental health services.

Networking and Collaboration: Collaborate with other employer groups, such as the Business Group on Health and National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions, to engage on issues of common interest, and identify opportunities to work together to improve the system of employer-sponsored care.

The Institute’s Chair is Monique R. Herena, Chief Colleague experience Officer at American Express Company. The Institute is guided by an Advisory Board consisting of Chief Human Resource Officers and Total Rewards Officers from America’s largest employers.

About HRPA's American Health Policy Institute