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Successful employee relations drive successful companies, and there are many different approaches to building a strong relationship between management and employees. Human resource executives and HR departments can play a key role in building a balanced and cooperative workplace culture in which employers and employees work together to build a thriving company.

The National Labor Relations Act (NLRA), passed in 1935, is the foundation of American labor law. The NLRA was implemented in a labor landscape almost unrecognizable to that which exists today, and has failed to keep pace with the dynamic changes in the workplace and employee attitudes and needs.

HR Policy supports legislative and policy changes to labor law that help drive a new framework of cooperation between employees and their employers that is not based on the old adversarial model, pitting unions against management. The Associations supports finding solutions that meaningfully bring employees into the management decision process.

HR Policy opposes legislation such as the PRO Act that do not serve the interests of employees and employers, but instead benefit solely union interests at the significant expense of employee relations. Such backward-looking approaches will only undermine employee relations to the detriment of workers and employers alike.

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