Africa & Middle East

For CHROs and HR Executives, human resource management in Africa and the Middle East can present an abundance of challenges, as well as opportunities. At the outset, the composition of both regions is incredibly diverse, featuring varying levels of government and social stability. Perhaps just as important, countries within the region can also differ dramatically in experience in dealing with Western countries seeking to do business within their borders.

These variables combined with local cultures in Africa and the Middle East, which can differ dramatically from Western nations, present significant challenges to CHROs, HR, and Labor Executives of companies operating in the region.

Within the Middle East, HR Policy Global tracks HR and Labor updates throughout the region with a specific focus on Israel, Saudi Arabia as well as the United Arab Emirates. Trends throughout these three nations carry implications for the broader region as well.

For Africa, the area is divided into Northern Africa – the group of countries which includes Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, and Libya which are normally grouped with the Middle East – and Sub-Saharan reflected by the remainder of the continent. This region in particular is subject to more governmental and societal volatility than other areas of the world and trends are more difficult to trace and predict.

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