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HR Policy strives to remain on the cutting edge of HR and workforce policy and provide its member CHROs with the resources they need to adapt to and succeed in an increasingly complex human resources management role.

By combining the experience and insights of its member companies with the subject matter expertise of its diversely qualified staff, HR Policy delivers solutions that ensure that member CHROs are fully equipped to tackle every unique workforce policy challenge they face. HR Policy helps members navigate the increasing array of federal, state, and local labor and employment legislative and regulatory policies and provide CHROs with a voice in workplace policy debates at every level of government.

HR Policy Association provides our members with comprehensive support on numerous workplace policy issues, including the following:

  • Employee Relations: HR Policy supports legislative and policy changes to labor laws that help drive a new framework of cooperation between employees and their employers. As the viability of current federal labor laws continues to be the subject of debate, HR Policy ensures that the goal of successful employee-employer relations remains the primary consideration.

  • Employment Law: As the nature of work continues to evolve, HR Policy advocates for employment law and policy that has the flexibility to adapt to the continuously changing landscape and fill in the increasing gaps between the newer needs of employers and workers and current employment laws. HR Policy supports solutions that empower employers to provide adequate benefits for their workers without incurring unnecessary legal risks.

  • Immigration: HR Policy understands the vital role foreign-workers play in the American economy, and supports immigration policies that secure the benefits of legal immigration while protecting American jobs.

  • Inclusion and Diversity: HR Policy members have long recognized the importance of a diverse and inclusive workplace culture, and have a longstanding commitment to inclusion and diversity. HR Policy consistently advocates for policies that advance inclusion and diversity initiatives, and continues to work with policymakers to find solutions that properly incentivize the business community to take meaningful action in the inclusion and diversity area.

  • Jobs, Skills, and Training: A competitive and well-trained American workforce is of national interest and vital to the continued growth of the American economy. HR Policy works with employers and policymakers to restore American competitiveness with strong jobs and a workforce with the tools to succeed in the modern economy.

  • Technology: Employers collect and process an increasing amount of data, particularly as it relates to their workers, and technological advances have opened new ways for employers to leverage such data for the benefit of both employers and employees. HR Policy strongly believes that there is a need for comprehensive consumer privacy reform, and that recognizing the distinctions between the consumer and employment contexts is vital.

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