HR Policy Association

Fundamentals Training Series

HR Policy Association offers four  comprehensive "Fundamentals" Training Programs which provide basic skills and competencies in key areas for today's CHRO and HR Executive. Programs are offered at least once annually, with additional sessions added as needed.  

Check our event calendar(Opens in a new window) for upcoming session dates. Space is limited to 30 attendees, so enroll as soon as a session opens!

Center On Executive Compensation

Fundamentals of Executive Compensation

Part of our Fundamentals virtual training series, Fundamentals of Executive Compensation is designed to build basic knowledge and competency in all elements of executive compensation.

HR Policy Global

Fundamentals of Global Labor Relations

This course explores the strategic mindset and thought process of a successful global labor relations executive. Examine the evolving role and exercise strategic thinking for successfully leading the global labor and employee relations function. 

American Health Policy Institute

Fundamentals of U.S. Health Care

This program is designed for CHROs and other senior HR professionals who may not have a background in benefits, but need a fundamental understanding of the design and operation of employer-sponsored health care and its role in the employment value proposition.

HR Policy Association

Fundamentals of U.S. Labor Relations

To meet the labor relations and legal challenges facing today's companies, HR leaders need a strategic understanding of the framework governing labor relations in the U.S. HR Policy Association has long been a leader in providing  labor relations education delivered by world class practitioners and subject matter experts.