HR Policy Association

Fundamentals Training Programs

HR Policy Association offers three comprehensive "Fundamentals" Training Programs which provide basic skills and competencies in key areas for today's CHRO and HR Executive.  Programs are hosted at least once annual and then additional sessions as needed by member demand.  

Center On Executive Compensation

Fundamentals of Executive Compensation

We are pleased to announce present our popular Fundamentals of Executive Compensation - The Center On Executive Compensation’s premier virtual training offering designed to build basic knowledge and competency in all elements of executive compensation.

HR Policy Global

Fundamentals of Global Labor Relations

The Fundamentals of Global Labor Relations will explore the strategic mindset and thought process of a successful global labor relations executive.  This course is not an introduction to principles for labor relations practitioners and, as noted, will examine the strategic awareness for successfully leading the global labor relations function

HR Policy Association

Fundamentals of U.S. Labor Relations

To meet the labor relations and legal challenges facing today's companies, HR leaders need a strategic understanding of the framework governing labor relations in the U.S. HR Policy Association has long been a leader in providing  labor relations education delivered by world class practitioners and subject matter experts.