Resources & Surveys

HR Policy members have access to a broad array of topline information on pressing developments in policy areas that impact their companies. In addition, HR Policy draws from the perspectives of its membership and our well-versed experts to develop useful policy research representing the voice of large employers. 

HR & Workforce Policy

The HR Policy Association works toward better public policy outcomes for employers and their workers.  From employment and labor policy to immigration and the latest in tech policy developments, our updates and insights inform both senior HR executives and the policy debate. 

Evolving Workplace

When it comes to the changing workplace, there's no shortage of information - surveys, articles, white papers and more. Our goal is to sort through a seemingly overwhelming amount of material and help you make sense of it. The Evolving Workplace Library selects and organizes the best and most relevant resources, providing you quick and efficient access to the latest thinking on a variety of topics.  

Executive Compensation

Stay informed on the latest in policies impacting executive compensation. Through our Center On Executive Compensation, our research covers areas such as ESG, proxy advisory firms, corporate governance, and executive pay legislation. 

Health Care

Health care is an ongoing concern for chief human resource officers. As employers strive to offer their employers high quality, cost-effective health care benefits, trends in policy and health care practice can prove to be a challenge. Our American Health Policy Institute team provides the latest on what you need to know in health care. 


The CHRO role is global. Keep up-to-date on the most important developments from across the globe, including the UK and the European Union, Latin America, China, Japan and the Asia-Pacific region, and India.