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Empowering HR Professionals with Global Footprints

The CHRO Role is a Global Role. Stay on top of developing trends in HR and labor law in key international markets with HR Policy Global. The HR Policy Global premium membership provides members with the following benefits:

  • HR Policy Global Newsletters:HR Policy Global members have access to five separate newsletters providing updates and analysis on HR-related legislation, regulations, and practices for every key global region. The newsletters are as follows:
    • Europe
    • India
    • Asia-Pacific
    • Latin-America
    • Global Roundup

  • HR Policy Global Staff Expertise: Members of the HR Policy Global team are available to help Global members navigate the complex global issues facing today’s global HR executive.
  • Core Global Team: James Jones, Wen Dong, and Henry Eickelberg offer support from a comprehensive global standpoint and will help connect you to our team members as needed.

  • Asia-Pacific: Michelle Swinden, Director of Asia Affairs, will continue supporting your Asia-Pacific team and coordinating regional events.

  • India: DP Singh, Senior Advisor of HR Policy in India, and Rohit Dhawan, Resource Manager of HR Policy in India, will continue supporting your India team and coordinating in-country events. They will also lead our efforts on responding to India’s COVID crisis.

  • Europe: Extensive coverage of Europe with our Brussels European Employee Relations Group (BEERG) program with Tom Hayes. Separate webinars, training courses and European events are available to HR Policy Global members.

  • Latin America: Raphael Pagliuso de Andrade and Wen Dong lead our work in Latin America and look forward to working with you all on this important region.
  • HR Policy Global Events: HR Policy Global members have exclusive access to online programs and webinars. Visit our events page (link) to see a list of upcoming HR Policy Global programs.

  • HR Policy Global Online Community: HR Policy Global members enjoy access to a resource-rich online community platform only for HR Policy Global members. Visit our HR Policy Online page to learn more!

  • HR Policy Global Peer Network: HR Policy Global’s staff has experience working with many attorneys and experts globally and will help connect you to known and trusted resources in key international markets.

Interested in learning more about HR Policy Global? Click here to fill out the online application to see if HR Policy Global is right for you and your company. Additional information on the Center membership benefits can be found here.