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About HR Policy Global

Empowering HR Professionals with Global Footprints

In partnership with HR Policy Association, HR Policy Global is dedicated to helping CHROs and their teams stay ahead of developing trends in key international markets. As the CHRO role has evolved into more of a global role, we have designed our Global program to be the premier transnational network of global employers focused on international HR and labor issues. 

Led by Henry Eickelberg and Wenchao Dong, HR Policy Global functions as an extension of your global team, providing pertinent subject matter expertise as well as an independent perspective on all aspects of global HR issues. HR Policy Global provides its members with timely research, current regulatory developments, and customized training. Our goal is to ensure that each member and their team has the knowledge and tools necessary to confidently advance the effectiveness of their global function. 

A Global premium membership is available exclusively to HR Policy members. For a single annual fee, enjoy unlimited company-wide access to the program’s essential benefits, including: 

Newsletters, Research and Surveys 

Global Roundup – Here, we brief you on the most crucial and timely updates on HR-related legislation, regulations, and practices from around the world

Europe – Our weekly BEERG (Brussels European Employee Relations Group) Newsletter highlights current European and global labor relations issues 

Asia-Pacific – This publication highlights the current policy and practice developments in the Asia-Pacific region 

Latin America – This publication highlights the current policy and practice developments in Latin American and Mexico

Surveys – We Regularly conduct critical surveys and share results and data with members. 

Exclusive Virtual Events Access our online programs and webinars focusing on the most important and emerging issues. Visit our events page to see a list of upcoming programs

Regional In-Person Summits Typically spanning one or two days, these events feature marquee speakers and networking opportunities with a focus on the challenges and opportunities facing multinational corporations in the region and beyond. 

Regional Roundtable Networking Events We bring unique networking opportunities and educational sessions to your city! Hosted by member company representatives or partners, these in-person sessions take place in major cities around the world. 

HR Policy Global Peer Network Our faculty works with experts from around the world and can connect you with these trusted resources in key international markets. You will also have the opportunity to benchmark your peer companies’ practices on global issues via events, surveys, and via our private online community. 

Fundamentals of Global Labor Relations A unique offering for senior executives who need to master the basics of leading a global labor relations function, this course explores the strategic mindset and thought process of a successful global labor relations executive. 

Faculty Expertise Members of our HR Policy Global team are always on-call to help members navigate the complex global issues facing today’s global HR executives 

Interested in learning more about HR Policy Global? Click here to fill out an online form to see if HR Policy Global is right for you and your company. To learn more about adding this premium membership to your HRPA account, please contact Christen Supplee at [email protected].