COVID-19 Employer Issues

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented employers and their CHROs with unprecedented challenges. The nature of work – the workplace, the way work is done, workplace culture, employee relations – has been transformed, in many cases permanently. The role of the CHRO has become paramount in maintaining a company’s culture and productivity as more and more work is shifted outside of the traditional office, requiring extraordinary versatility to adapt to the ever-shifting workforce and workplace patterns caused by the ongoing pandemic.

HR Policy continues to provide an array of resources to member companies and their CHROs to assist them in facing and solving the numerous challenges resulting from the pandemic. Resources on pandemic-related issues – remote work, infection control protocols, COVID-19 testing, vaccine policies, and return to work, among many more – and how such issues implicate labor and employment laws are curated in real time by HR Policy subject matter experts. 

Every day, member companies utilize the HR Policy Online community to post and share best practices with fellow members, while perusing discussion threads to find how other members are tackling the various challenges presented by the pandemic.

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