All of HR Policy's Labor Relations Professional Certification Courses can be customized to the unique circumstances of your company and can be presented by the Association’s instructors to in-house audiences. 

Many companies prefer the in-house presentation of Elements of Bargaining, Managing a Union Workforce and Administering the Contract courses to ensure that the company’s unique practices and culture are woven into the teaching of the course with involvement by senior company officials. 

This can also enhance the team building that is an essential component of the Elements of Bargaining course.   

Curricula on positive personnel practices and other customized front-line training modules can be made available upon request.  We will work with you and your staff to develop the customized course that best fits your needs. In addition, special briefings on evolving topics, legislative and regulatory initiatives, and public policy trends can be prepared for senior management or other specialized audiences.  

For more information, please contact Christine Salvador, Director of Events and Networking, at [email protected].