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Gen AI Surveys Reveal Company, Employee Implementation Challenges, Opportunities

Two new surveys provide insightful data on company adoption of Gen AI, their readiness to fully implement the technology, and what leaders can do to better ensure success.

Accenture on reinvention of work, workforce, and workers: Accenture’s research based on surveys of workers and senior executives shows that generative AI can increase productivity that drives business growth while “fostering more creative and meaningful work for people.” 

Speed bumps: However, there are challenges companies need to address:

  • 75% of organizations lack comprehensive strategies to ensure positive employee outcomes with gen AI.

  • There is a gap of concern between employees and executives:

    1. 58% of workers are concerned about job displacement compared with less than 1/3 of CxOs (Chief Experience Officers).

    2. 60% of workers are concerned Gen AI will increase stress and burnout, compared with just over 1/3 of CxOs. 

  • But, 95% of workers see value in implementing Gen AI and 85% have experience with it.

Employee involvement, engagement key: Accenture found within its own sales organization, that involving employees in rethinking processes and workflows as well as  who designs and implements the tools led to greater productivity, confidence, and impact. 

Deloitte: 79% Say Gen AI to drive substantial transformation in next 3 years. In a survey of 2800 director to C-Suite level employees, Deloitte also found that just 25% believed their organization was equipped to address AI governance and risks and 47% said they are sufficiently educating employees. The survey also showed: 

  • 23% of HR functions are using Gen AI in a limited or at-scale implementation;

  • 52% said they expect widespread use of Gen AI to centralize power in the global economy;

  • 49% said Gen AI would erode trust in government institutions; and 

  • 78% said more governmental regulation of AI is needed with 72% concerned about insufficient global cooperation to ensure responsible adoption.

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Authors: Timothy J. Bartl



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