Timothy J. Bartl

Timothy J. Bartl President and CEO, HR Policy Association

Timothy J. Bartl is President and CEO of HR Policy Association the nation’s leading public policy association of senior human resource executives, representing nearly 400 of the largest companies operating within the United States and globally. The Association focuses on the development of U.S. human resources and employment public policy, primarily at the federal level. At the same time, the Association uses the collective strength of its membership to facilitate chief human resource officer education and enrichment, and achieve market-based improvements in HR practices as well as developing unique member offerings such as its Retiree Health Access program.

Mr. Bartl joined the Association in 1997, and prior to helping found its Center On Executive Compensation in 2008, he served as the Association’s Assistant General Counsel and Vice President of Corporate Affairs, concentrating on executive and employee compensation, government relations, employment rights and retirement security matters.

Mr. Bartl served as Chief Executive Officer of HR Policy Association’s Center On Executive Compensation, a research and advocacy organization comprised of more than 130 HR Policy Association members dedicated to providing a reasoned perspective on executive compensation. In that role, he oversaw the Center’s operations, policy and best practice development and federal advocacy activities involving executive compensation design, disclosure, governance and taxation. He is also a frequent writer and speaker on the subject.

In addition to his work with the Association and Center, Mr. Bartl is also a Partner of Tributary LLP, an association management firm specializing in health care, employment, compensation, benefits and labor law.

Mr. Bartl formerly served as Legislative Director and Counsel to former Rep. Steve Gunderson (R-WI), and is a graduate of Marquette University and the University of Minnesota Law School. He was elected a fellow of the National Academy of Human Resources in 2017.

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