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PRESS RELEASE: 400+ Business Associations Calling for Border Security, Immigration Reform

HR Policy Association Joins LIBERTY Campaign Launch with 400+ Business Associations Calling for Border Security, Immigration Reform

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, HR Policy Association joins more than 400 business associations to launch the LIBERTY Campaign (Legal Immigration and Border Enforcement Reform This Year) with a letter to members of Congress, calling on them to address the crisis at our border and the workforce shortage crisis before the year’s end. 

HR Policy Association is the leading organization representing chief human resource officers (CHROs) of the largest corporations doing business in the United States and globally. Collectively, the Association’s approximately 400 member companies employ more than ten million employees in the United States—nearly nine percent of the private sector workforce—and 20 million employees worldwide. The Association brings CHROs together to discuss and advocate for improvements in human resource policy and practices, and to pursue initiatives that promote job growth, employment security, and competitiveness.

The majority of American voters – both Republican and Democrat – support policies to strengthen border security and make it easier to immigrate to the U.S., according to a recent Fox News poll. Three-quarters of voters (73%) favor making it easier to immigrate and favor increasing the number of border agents at the southern border (74%). 

The LIBERTY Campaign is comprised of over 400 business associations from all 50 states and spanning across a host of industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, restaurants, hospitality, retail, construction, agriculture, engineering, and food processing, among others. LIBERTY’s letter to Congress reads, in part: 

“When it comes to individual priorities, our organizations may differ, but the one thing we agree on is that another year of inaction on border security and legal immigration reform is not an acceptable option. The failure to enact reforms will deepen these current crises. 

“That is why we have formed the Legal Immigration and Border Enforcement Reforms This Year (LIBERTY) Campaign, to call upon Congress to enact measures this year to improve our borders and our legal immigration system. Any progress that Congress can make can become the foundation for additional reforms.

“Ultimately, elected officials will have to negotiate what can secure the necessary votes in both Houses of Congress and the President’s signature. We are committed to working with lawmakers who share our view that finding reasonable compromises is the only path forward to securing our borders, averting further humanitarian crises, and meeting the economic needs of the United States.”

Timothy J. Bartl, president and CEO of HR Policy Association said, “Immigration reform is an employment and economic imperative. We need lawmakers to act to align our nation’s immigration policies with the U.S. workforce needs at all skill levels to ensure global competitiveness.  Companies currently employing foreign talent are facing the potential loss of critical individuals due to backlogs and delays in visa renewal processes. That is why HR Policy Association along with others in the employer community are calling on Congress to act through the launch of the LIBERTY Campaign.”

The full list of LIBERTY members is available here



HR Policy Association is the lead organization representing chief human resource officers of major employers. The Association consists of around 400 of the largest corporations doing business in the United States and globally, and these employers are represented in the organization by their most senior human resource executive. Collectively, their companies employ more than 11 million employees in the United States, over nine percent of the private sector workforce, and 20 million employees worldwide.   They have a combined market capitalization of more than $8 trillion. These senior corporate officers participate in the Association because of their commitment to improving the direction of human resource policy. Their objective is to use the combined power of the membership to act as a positive influence to better public policy, the HR marketplace, and the human resource profession.  For more information visit


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