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BEERG Newsletter - EU/UK data transfers: UK plans raise doubts over data adequacy status

Derek Mooney writes: Last week the UK government published its much awaited proposals on data protection, these will underpin the forthcoming Data Reform Bill. Launching the documents, the British Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport, Nadine Dorries, MP said:

“Our new Data Reform Bill will make it easier for businesses and researchers to unlock the power of data to grow the economy and improve society, but retains our global gold standard for data protection… 

Outside of the EU we can ensure people can control their personal  data, while preventing businesses, researchers, and civil society from being held back by a lack of clarity and cumbersome EU legislation.”

Others were not so enthusiastic. The Open Rights Group, in particular, was excoriating, describing the proposals as an attempt to gut the UK General Data Protection Regulation. They accused the UK government of:

“proposing to bonfire your rights and remove the protections the law affords to your private life, vulnerabilities, and aspirations.” 

Adding that 

“…the Information Commissioner’s Office (the Regulator) would be co-opted by the same Government they should keep an eye on.”


The reality probably lies somewhere between these two very partial interpretations, but while BEERG will not be attempting a root and branch analysis of what the UK government is planning to do, it certainly appears from the Secretary of State’s remarks that the U.K. government is putting its EU data adequacy status in peril and that BEERG members should start planning now for future issues with EU/UK data transfers. 

Published on: June 22, 2022

Authors: Derek Mooney

Topics: Technology, The UK and European Union

Derek Mooney

Director of Public Affairs and Internal Communications, BEERG

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