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Greece: Government legislates for a 6-day work week

Greece is going against the global trend and has legislated for a 6-day work week to combat demographic changes and boost productivity.

Why it matters: The Greek government says the six-day scheme will only apply to private businesses providing round-the-clock services. Under the extended working week, staff in select industries and manufacturing facilities will have the option of working an additional two hours a day or an extra eight-hour shift, rewarded with a top-up fee of 40% added to the daily wage.

The bottom line: The shrinking population and shortage of skilled workers in Greece is seen as a ticking time bomb by the government. About 500,000 mostly young educated Greeks having emigrated over the past decade.


Quote from Akis Sotiropoulos an executive committee member of the civil servants’ union Adedy: 

“In reality this has been passed by a government ideologically committed to generating ever bigger profits for capital

When almost every other civilised country is enacting a four-day week, Greece decides to go the other way ... Better productivity comes with better work conditions, a better quality of life [for employees] and that, we now know, is about less hours not more.”

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Authors: Tom Hayes



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