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EWCs: Council agrees negotiating mandate

As expected, the Council of Employment Ministers approved the Belgian draft for a revised EWC Directive. Talks with the Commission and European Parliament will open later this year.

Why it matters: The revised EWC Directive, if agreed upon, would become EU law in 2025. It would then become national law in 2027, requiring undertakings with Article 13 arrangements or Article 6 Agreements to make adjustments.

What's next: Negotiations are expected to begin in the last quarter of this year. The final text and adoption process will likely take place in May or June 2025, unless a faster agreement is reached this year.

The bottom line: The Parliament's draft proposes a revolution in labor relations, opposed by employer groups across the EU. National governments need to be aware of this before trilogue negotiations commence.



We will hold a 2-day workshop in Sitges, Barcelona on “Preparing for EWC Directive III: What Can You Do Now”, in early October. A draft program will be circulated to members shortly. If this program would be of interest to your organisation, then email me at [email protected] now for further details. 

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