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Pay Transparency: Union launches 5 step strategy

IndustriALL Global Union has launched a Pay Equity Toolkit to support trade unions in bargaining for pay equity. The toolkit provides five steps for unions to close the gender pay gap and addresses the undervaluing of women's work and skills.

Why it matters: The toolkit emphasizes raising awareness about pay inequalities, addressing structural causes, seeking pay transparency, addressing the issue for low-paid workers, and integrating the gender pay gap into core trade union bargaining.

The bottom line: The toolkit is intended to assist unions in closing pay gaps and delivering equal pay for equal work.

Additional Material:

The five steps in the IndustriALL ToolKit

  1. Raise awareness
  2. Address the structural causes 
  3. We need pay transparency. 
  4. Address the issue for low paid workers, in the informal economy 
  5. Find tools and structures

Quote from Christine Olivier, IndustriALL assistant general secretary:

“The decision to develop this gender pay gap toolkit comes from the many discussions in our women’s committee. We realize that there is still a misunderstanding when it comes to demanding equal pay for equal work and equal pay for jobs of equal value which the toolkit addresses outstandingly. We encourage our affiliates to use this toolkit to assist them in their efforts to close the pay gap,”

Link to the toolkit here. 

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Authors: Tom Hayes



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