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Senate Insight Forum on AI and the Workforce Includes HR Policy Member Companies

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) hosted the third bipartisan AI Insight Forum to support his SAFE Innovation Framework. The November 1 forum focused on AI and the workforce and included several Association member companies and other leaders from labor, academia, and think tanks. 

The forum included several HRPA member companies: Mastercard Chief People Officer, Michael Fraccaro, Accenture Senior Managing Director of Data, AI, and Global Responsible AI Lead, Arnab Chakroborty, and Microsoft Senior Director of Education Policy, Allyson Knox. 

  • In his testimony, Mr. Fraccaro noted Mastercard uses AI in talent development “to match employees to opportunities based on their past skills and experiences, and desired areas for growth.” Accenture’s Mr. Chakraborty discussed how AI could help customer service representatives by automating and standardizing customer call reports.

  • Member companies were also asked about the utilization of AI for reskilling jobs that may be impacted by new and emerging technologies. 

  • Of note, the Senators in attendance were more focused on workforce opportunities presented by AI than on discussing potential job loss. During the discussion, Leader Schumer acknowledged the need for a trade adjustment assistance-like program to help workers displaced by AI and other emerging technologies. 

Bipartisan deep dive: Other highlights from the forum, co-led with Sens Todd Young (R-IN) and Mike Rounds (R-SD) included:

  • Union leaders actively voiced concerns regarding the potential adverse effects of AI on the workforce and underscored the need for robust negotiations and agreements to safeguard the rights of workers.

  • Conversations addressed the importance of identifying and mitigating biases to ensure fair and equitable outcomes in the deployment of AI technologies.

  • Discussion of the potential for job displacement due to the increasing integration of AI in various sectors and questions on the future of employment in an AI-driven landscape.

Join us next Tuesday, November 14 as HRPA and Deloitte partner for The Implications of AI in Productivity and Government Oversight. This webinar will discuss how companies are currently using AI technologies and are preparing to engage with policymakers to ensure the ability to continue to use these valuable tools without generating excessive oversight and regulatory restrictions. In addition, HR Policy Association experts will discuss the President’s AI Executive Order, including future potential implications and opportunities for member companies. 

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