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HR Policy Explores Workforce Ecosystem Strategies, Risks

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Authors: Henry D. Eickelberg


HR Policy and Deloitte co-hosted a member discussion webinar this week on strategies to maximize the future of the expanding definition of “workforce” while anticipating developing risks.

During the presentation, Deloitte’s Karen Weisz and Reem Jahno fielded questions from HR Policy’s Henry Eickelberg regarding the changing workforce ecosystem and how a combination of employees along with contractors, freelancers, service providers, and AI solutions can significantly expand a company’s talent pool and HR Solutions.

Change driven by business, workforce, workplace. The discussion detailed the key drivers reframing the workforce, including the need for increased agility, access to talent, and cost optimizations.  However, organic workforce and workplace preferences – such as the rise of worker agency (worker choice and influence over their work) and use of digital technology and AI – also contributed significantly to the changes.

Leveraging benefits of the changing workforce ecosystem presents challenges and risks.  Ms. Weisz detailed 13 key risks companies must address to maximize the benefits of the changing workforce ecosystem. Top risks include concern over unequal treatment between “traditional” employees and other workforce arrangements and how to track, onboard, and integrate talent as the workforce changes.

Proactively identify and address key risks with a workforce risk framework assessment. Ms. Jahno took attendees through some of the top concerns facing companies and how the thinking on risk is changing. 

The webinar was the first in a three-part series co-hosted by Deloitte and HR Policy.  The next call, C-Suite Management of Workforce Risk and Strategy, will take place on October 24 and registration is available here.


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