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Mental Health Index: Summer Improves Stress and Anxiety

One lesson learned from the Mental Health Index over the last three years is that addressing and improving mental health is not a linear process. Many factors, including the seasons, impact the overall wellbeing of employees in the U.S.

Key findings from the survey show:

  • The risk of stress is now 10% lower than it was pre-pandemic, and

  • The risk of general anxiety disorder has decreased 39% and is now back to pre-pandemic levels.

Workplace flexibility remains an important tool employers can use to help alleviate some of the stress and anxiety employees feel. Despite improvements, it is possible employee mental health could decline in the coming months making it necessary for employers to continue implementing programs to improve access to behavioral health services and monitoring the wellbeing of their employees.

Additional insights into the Q2 results will be shared on Friday, July 22 at noon ET on a webinar hosted by the National Alliance of Healthcare Purchasers. Register here.

Published on: July 22, 2022

Authors: Margaret Faso

Topics: Employee Wellbeing, Wellness

Margaret Faso

Director of Health Care Research and Policy, American Health Policy Institute and HR Policy Association

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