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New Report Offers Interesting Comparative Insights on Employee Views Globally by Region

This week, a report by the ADP Research Institute evaluated workers across 17 countries for their views on everything from job satisfaction to D&I efforts to remote work.  The report demonstrates some interesting consistencies – and differences – between workforces in Europe, Asia-Pacific, North America, and Latin America.   

As part of the study, the ADP Research Institute surveyed nearly 33,000 workers in 17 countries around the globe during November of 2021.  This included nearly 16,000 in Europe, 6,000 in Latin America, 4,000 in the US and Canada, and about 8,000 in the Asia Pacific.  Here are some of the key findings of the report: 

  • Globally, workers are open to finding a new job.  According to the report, well over half of the workers in each of the regions had considered a career change.  Europe came in with the least, but still at 62% and Latin America at the highest level at 81%.  Asia-Pacific and North America came in at 71% and 70% respectively.  Clearly, companies need to be aware of the mindset of employees – It’s no surprise that we hear phrases like “The War for Talent”.  The data clearly backs that up.  

  • DEI Initiatives Are Important to Employees:  According to the report, three in four would consider leaving for another opportunity if their current employer demonstrates unfair gender pay gaps or no D&I policy.  This is significant and really demonstrates the importance of communication of DEI initiatives internally.  If you are doing something well on DEI, let your employees know about it!  

  • Job satisfaction is high – 90%.  In an interesting contrast to the study’s determination that about 75% of employees have considered a career change, 90% are said to also be satisfied at their current employment.  Unsurprisingly, for the 10% which are dissatisfied, increased work without correlating pay increases and lack of advancement opportunities.   

  • Stress at work is a real issue.  Mental health is more than a tagline per the survey with workers around the globe reporting stress at least once a week at work.  Notably, the survey states that younger workers appear more impacted.   

  • Remote work is here to stay.  The survey reports that globally, about two-thirds of workers would consider leaving their jobs if an employer required them to return to the office full-time.  Over 70% of the 18-24 age range globally would consider the job switch if required to return to the office full time compared to 56% of those in the 45-54 age bracket.  In another interesting point, over half the workers say they would accept lower pay in exchange for increased flexibility.   

The survey is interesting in that it provides some contrasts between global populations of employees.  However, generally the results are consistent and confirm many of the takeaways (like that remote work is valued) companies have already started to take out of the pandemic.   

Henry D. Eickelberg

Chief Operating Officer, HR Policy Association

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