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Newest Mental Health Index Shows Employee Attention Down 53%

Published on: October 15, 2021

Authors: Margaret Faso

Topics: Wellness

The latest Mental Health Index: U.S. Worker Edition shows that risk of PTSD continues to remain elevated compared to pre-pandemic levels and employee capacity for sustained attention is down 53%.

Steps employers can take to address these concerns:  One Mind at Work, a global coalition of leaders from diverse employment sectors aiming to change approaches to mental health and addiction, has provided the following guidance to employers. 

  • Recognize the multiple dimensions of trauma, both in and outside the workplace, by bringing together leadership to better understand the potential risks and sources of trauma their employees may face.

  • Practice traumatic event responses so employees can be supported quickly and effectively in the case of a traumatic event. 

  • Integrate trauma in mental health conversations by normalizing mental health discussions so employees experiencing distress can quickly identify and respond to their needs.

Colleen McHugh, Executive Vice President of the American Health Policy Institute stressed the employer role in improving employee wellbeing, stating, “large employers have bolstered their efforts to provide safe, healthy workplaces and increased their benefit offerings including mental and behavioral health care, childcare and flexible work arrangements.”

Margaret Faso

Director of Health Care Research and Policy, American Health Policy Institute and HR Policy Association

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