HR Policy Global

S01E05 - European Works Councils

Welcome to the Wild Side, a podcast that discusses the world of modern employee relations ten minutes at a time. In this episode, host Alan Wild discusses the essential basics of European Works Councils (EWC). Alan is the Global Affairs Director of the HR Policy Association, the leading voice of chief human resources offices today.

Most companies with a significant footprint in Europe have a Works Council even though they are not mandatory. The EWC Directive is simple. It provides a forum through which the central management in transnational undertakings can inform and consult with employees representatives on issues of transnational importance. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • Why organizing unions internationally has been difficult and expensive. [:20]
  • The two major initiatives that drove the European Works Council (EWC) agenda forward. [1:37] 
  • Understanding the EWC Directive. [4:55] 
  • Most companies with a significant footprint in Europe have an EWC and an EWC agreement. [9:49]
  • How companies conduct consultations and other processes with EWCs. [12:08]
  • What does a typical Works Council meeting look like? [17:43] 
  • General information about Employee Representatives and their role in Works Councils. [21:33]