HR Policy Global

S01E01 - Why it’s Important for Business to Get Employee Relations Management Right

Welcome to the Wild Side, a podcast that discusses the world of modern employee relations ten minutes at a time. In this first episode of the series, host Alan Wild addresses formal negotiations, works councils, the international framework for labor rights, and the impact of social networking on employee relations. Alan is the Global Affairs Director of the HR Policy Association, the leading voice of chief human resources offices today.

How and where work is done has moved on, and a new definition of employee relations matters more today than it ever did. And, as the world of old school labor relations shifts into the modern world of employee voice, listening and responding to employee voice in traditional, and not so traditional ways, is today more important and global than ever.

Key Takeaways:

  • Why getting employee relations right matters and why your company doesn’t want to get it wrong. [2:36]
  • Old school labor relations and collective bargaining. [3:18]
  • Have the rules changed when it comes to employee voice? [4:05]
  • Employee relations in non-union companies. [5:00]
  • Most issues that cause collective employee unrest start with an individual issue. [6:44]
  • How to stay well informed about the new world of employee relations. [8:13]