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HRPA's CHRO Summit

Creating the Future of HR: Harnessing AI, Empowering 
Employees, and Thriving Amid External Pressures


Detailed Agenda

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Artificial Intelligence – The Promise & Peril for HR

CHRO Principles: Responsible Use of AI in Organizations

The Brilliant Math Coach Teaching America’s Kids to Outsmart AI, The Wall Street Journal

AI Is Taking On New Work. But Change Will Be Hard—and Expensive, The Wall Street Journal

Po-Shen Loh's Public Talks (on ChatGPT's impact on math, jobs, and education)


AI Concurrent Session Panelist Contact Information (HRPA login required)

SESSION II: Good AI Governance, Ethics, and Legal Compliance

Artificial Intelligence Tools and Labor & Employment Risks (a resource produced by HRPA & Littler) (HRPA login required)

SESSION III: Reinventing Human Centric Work with the Innovative Force of AI

Work, Workforce, Workers: Reinvented in the Age of Generative AI, Accenture

Now Decides Next: Insights from the Leading Edge of Generative AI Adoption, Deloitte’s State of Generative AI in the Enterprise Q1 Report

CHRO Leadership & Resilience with Dr. Michael Gervais

Finding Mastery Presentation (HRPA login required)

Dalai Lama: Behind Our Anxiety, the Fear of Being Unneeded, The New York Times (subscription required)

Stop Basing Your Self-Worth on Other People’s Opinions, Harvard Business Review, Michael Gervais

A Welcome Note from Dr. Michael Gervais


BREAKOUT I: Is There a Global Resurgence in Union Power and Influence? 

2024 Washington Policy Update: Insights for HR Leaders in a Pro-Labor Policy Landscape (HRPA login required)

The Global Socio-Political Environment with Dr. Timothy Naftali

Dr. Naftali's Slide Presentation (HRPA login required)

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The American Health Policy Institute provides thought leadership and policy advocacy on U.S. health care policy issues impacting large employers. Members participate in the Institute to gain access to informed analyses and insights regarding health care policy and to help shape public policy positions on issues impacting employer-sponsored health care.

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The Council on Inclusion and Diversity provides Chief Human Resource Officers and Senior Diversity Executives the resources and tools needed to develop initiatives to support greater equity of process and representation of Female, Black, Hispanic, Asian, LBGTQ+, and other underrepresented employees in senior management in the near term, and to help build a long-term sustainable diverse talent pipeline and a culture of belonging.

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HR Policy Association’s advocacy efforts are rooted is its longstanding emphasis on capturing and effectively deploying the employer view in policy debates. The Employment & Labor Group (formerly Future Workplace Policy Council), composed of members from every industry and size represented in the Association, exemplifies this practice, providing insights and guidance to ensure that the Association remains ahead of the curve. With a focus on labor, employment, immigration, and technology policy issues, the Council is composed primarily of senior officials and counsel within HR Policy member companies who are directly responsible for employee/labor relations and/or workplace regulation matters, including CHROs, employment counsel, labor relations vice presidents, and chief privacy officers and their key staff members.

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Engage your government relations team with HR Policy Association through our Washington Representatives Program. Government relations professionals are among an elite group of policy influencers in Washington, D.C., sitting at the intersection of practice and policy. Members of the Program receive the latest updates on legislative and regulatory workplace policy efforts, training and talking points to effectively influence workplace policy, policy presentations to inform and engage internal stakeholders, and insights on policy trends. These resources will help to position Washington Representatives as a strategic partner within their companies and provide networking opportunities with a community of likeminded HRPA Member Company peers.

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