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White House Releases AI Fact Sheet

In response to President Biden's AI Executive Order signed last October, the administration announced guidelines aimed at protecting workers from the "risks of artificial intelligence." These guidelines specify eight principles established by the Labor Department, including developing AI ethically, creating AI governance with human oversight, and using technology to benefit workers.

Guidelines, not mandates (yet): These guidelines serve as a guiding framework for businesses and are not mandates. They are not enforceable unless the Department of Labor issues formal rules, which would need to go through the standard notice and comment process.

Members should be aware that there has been a recent surge in AI-related actions and guidance as federal agencies completed requirements assigned to them through the president’s Executive Order on AI. However, it is important to note that many of the guidelines developed for employers under the Executive Order simply reinforce existing laws and offer guidance without introducing new laws, requirements, or mandates. 

How to keep up: The Association will continue to monitor developments at all levels of government and will provide updates to members.

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Authors: Chatrane Birbal