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Knowing Me, Knowing EU – BEERG Byte Podcast on...

Published on: March 30, 2023

Authors: Tom Hayes

Topics: Employment Law, Evolving Workplace, Inclusion and Diversity, The UK and European Union

Here is a link to our latest "Knowing Me, Knowing EU" BEERG Bytes podcast.

It comes to you on an important day, as today (march 30th) the European Parliament adopts new rules on binding pay-transparency measures. This is one of the most important recent pieces of social and employment law - and in this podcast I set out why companies need to start preparing for this law now.

I also discuss the EU Commission's ongoing work to reform the EWC directive (including the Radtke recommendations) and look at other measures in the EU pipeline such as those on due diligence and Artificial Intelligence.

Knowing Me Knowing EU is BEERG Bytes' monthly podcast stream that looks at developments in the EU that are of particular interest to HR professionals. This episode is available directly from Spotify (see link on right) or via your favourite Podcast search engine by searching for “BEERG Bytes”.


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