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BEERG Newsletter - Future Work: Some recent developments

Writing for Forbes, Jon Younger takes a look at how compliance with worker classification laws – essential to tax collection – is an increasingly key issue as the globalisation of work, and the impact of new work and collaboration technologies, make it easier than ever to work from anywhere. Fifty-one countries now have active and ongoing programmes inviting so-called “digital nomads” to temporarily domicile in their country. 

MEANWHILE, in Ireland a poll of 500 Dublin companies has found that offices in the city are on average only 10% full on Mondays and Fridays as staff continue to adopt a hybrid working model a year after Ireland’s last COVID-19 lockdown.  The survey by property agency Savills and the Dublin Chamber commerce body indicates offices in the main business district have an average occupancy rate of 0%-10% on Mondays and Fridays. Occupancy rises to between 51%-60% on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and to 61%-70% on Wednesdays. Almost half of the employers polled said employees must spend at least two or three days in the office each week.

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