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National AI Advisory Committee Hearing on the Implications of AI in the Workforce

Published on: October 14, 2022

Topics: Technology

HR Policy’s Daniel Chasen Highlights Positive Employer Uses, Oversight of AI in Hearing

The National AI Advisory Committee, launched in April 2022, is tasked with providing recommendations to the President on the current state of AI, including its use in the workplace.

HR Policy Vice President of Workplace Policy Daniel Chasen served as an expert on a National Artificial Intelligence Advisory Committee panel on the implications of AI in the workforce. 

Mr. Chasen highlighted the ways companies are leveraging technology to: identify learning opportunities and facilitate flexible, personalized upskilling, which can strengthen talent pipelines and improve retention rates; facilitate workplace access and involvement of traditionally marginalized workers; and increase efficiencies in the labor market, connecting companies with talented workers who have non-traditional educations, career paths, and/or backgrounds.

Member companies are implementing AI to facilitate workplace access, improve work-life balance, and upskill workers, while ensuring such tools are used ethically and responsibly.

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