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Chile Temporarily Extends Postnatal Parental Leave Amid Respiratory Infection Disease Increase

Approved last month by the Chilean Congress, a new law allows employees to request an extension of their postnatal parental leave to mitigate challenges that working parents are facing, especially when the country sees an increment of respiratory infection disease 

  • The extensions apply to workers who were making use of parental postnatal leave between October 1 and December 30 of the year 2022. For those who have already returned to work between October 1st and the effective date of the new law, November 24ththey are still eligible for the benefits if they can provide proper notification to their employers.  

  • To access the extension of the leave, a written communication must be sent to the employer through a letter or email requesting the benefit. Then, each employer will have the obligation to notify the Single Fund for Family Benefits and Unemployment Subsidies within three business days of the use of this extension. 

  • During the extension, the workers are entitled to the same amount of subsidy, which also applies to independent workers.  

Published on: December 13, 2022

Authors: Wenchao Dong

Topics: Employment Law, Latin America

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Director, Global Affairs, HR Policy Association

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