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Henry C. Eickelberg Tapped as Chair of PBGC

Published on: June 21, 2019

Topics: Employee Relations

President Donald Trump has nominated Henry C. Eickelberg, Sr., Senior Fellow of the American Health Policy Institute, to chair the Advisory Committee to the Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation, which insures defined benefit pension plans.

HR Policy CEO Dan Yager said, “Given Henry’s expertise and experience, from which we and our members have benefited tremendously over the past few years, his nomination to chair the PBGC comes as no surprise.  We look forward to continuing our close relationship with him in this new capacity.”

"I appreciate HR Policy Association's continued support and look forward to working with the Association and its members (as important plan sponsors) in my work on the Advisory Committee," Eickelberg said.

Mr. Eickelberg previously served on the PBGC Advisory Committee under the Obama administration.  Mr. Eickelberg will now serve a full three-year term on the Committee.  

PBGC's Advisory Committee advises on investment policy and on other matters related to PBGC’s mission to protect the retirement incomes of more than 37 million American workers in private sector defined benefit pension plans.


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