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Report Shows Complicated Picture Regarding Corporate Social Responsibility and Worker Preferences

Published on: October 19, 2018

Topics: Jobs, Skills and Training

A report by market research company Morning Consult found that while just 15 percent of workers would prefer working for a company that takes strong political stances, over a third say they would prefer working for a company that does not, with the rest being unsure or having no opinion.

The sprawling report also included data on: 

  • Gig worker preferences:  Gig workers value the same qualities as all workers, the report found, including in areas such as pay, flexibility, and benefits.  Similarly, the study reports that gig workers have similar job satisfaction as workers overall.

  • Work/life balance across demographics:  Among white-collar workers, 44 percent of women say having a good work/life balance is the most important factor when thinking about their career, compared with 35 percent of men.

  • Company values:  In a cultural environment where trust in public institutions is falling through the floor, the two most highly appealing company values tested were honesty and integrity.

The bottom line: The report adds to what is already a complicated picture when it comes to worker preferences and corporate social responsibility, seeming to contradict similar reports by Nielsen and Edelman.  Yet the data agree on the fact that worker preferences are developing as employers' role in society becomes more pronounced.