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S01E8.5 BONUS: The Coronavirus and Business – How will your company be remembered?

This is a special edition of the Wild Side podcast.   It falls outside the curriculum of the program ”Managing Employee Relations in Global and Millennial Times … ten minutes at a time”. 

In this podcast, the full program team – Auret van Heerden, Rick Warters, Tom Hayes and Alan Wild set out their thinking on how business is tackling the Coronavirus pandemic. Unlike the crisis of 2008, business was not the cause of the current crisis … but business behaviors will in large part determine how we work our way through it and how quickly and strongly we emerge from it. 

The team pose the question … “How will your company be remembered?” 

They go on to suggest 10 actions that businesses can take if they wish to go down in this episode in history as “heroes” rather than “villains”.