Pramod John, PhD

Pramod John, PhD

Pramod John, PhD Team Leader, VIVIO

Pramod is team leader at VIVIO, a Public Benefit Corporation that is using analytics to reinvent the use and supply chain for specialty drugs.  VIVIO’s solution challenges the current framework of efficacy by extending it to actual effectiveness in the real world resulting in significant acquisition savings and better outcomes for patients.  VIVIO’s customers have seen reductions in drug spend of over 40% while removing obstacles to care such as formularies. VIVIO has grown rapidly, and customers include the F500 in various industries such as distribution, manufacturing, high-tech, mining, healthcare services, and education.

Pramod also founded Oration (owned by Change Healthcare), which allowed the capture of prescriptions in physician’s offices and then provided real-time pricing options and automatic routing capabilities.   He was also VP of Strategy and Innovation at McKesson, where he helped optimize healthcare delivery systems, infrastructure, and supply chains.

Earlier, Pramod founded and was CEO of PacketMotion, a venture-funded startup in the enterprise network information and policy management industry. VMWare later acquired the company. Pramod also founded, a managed vulnerability assessment company acquired by SonicWALL.

Pramod earned his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and is an advisor to Folia Water, mentor at StartX, and serves on the board of Wycliffe USA.