Marshall B. Babson

Marshall B. Babson

Marshall B. Babson Counsel, Seyfarth Shaw, LLP | Former Member, National Labor Relations Board

In his labor relations practice, Marshall provides value to clients by finding creative ways to accomplish their business objectives over the long term.

Marshall assists companies in achieving their strategic business goals in the employee relations sector by devising, creating, and implementing top-notch employee relations policies and programs. Typically this involves consultation, due diligence, litigation, or collective bargaining.

Marshall has more than four decades of hands-on experience, including service as a member of the National Labor Relations Board during the Reagan Administration. Throughout his career, he has participated in labor relations matters at all levels, including the regulatory and decisional aspects of labor law at the NLRB.

Through collective bargaining and cooperative working relationships that preserve value and efficiency, Marshall has assisted companies, both foreign and domestic, in aligning their business models to 21st-century practices. Such representations have included several of the largest entertainment conglomerates and logistics companies in the US, French, and Australian construction and stevedoring businesses, and the largest private equity firms in the US and Switzerland.

Marshall believes that perhaps the most important criterion in delivering inventive, creative, and sometimes unexpected value to clients is to listen very carefully to the C-suite executives explain their strategic goals and long-term business plans. Gathering such data is critical to synthesizing one's experience as a labor law professional to the benefit of the client.

When asked what he loves most about Seyfarth, Marshall said: "The ability to interact on a daily basis with the finest labor law practitioners in the field. The cumulative experience of this distinguished group virtually guarantees that clients will have the benefit of hundreds of years of experience in dealing with their particular matters."