Jeff McGuiness: House Committee Approves Autonomous Vehicle Legislation, Launching Debate Over the Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Work

August 04, 2017

Perhaps for the first time, Congress is confronting the competing interests generated by the emergence of artificial intelligence: the promise of a far better society and the fear of catastrophic job loss.  In late July, the House Energy and Commerce Committee took a major step forward in promoting the autonomous car industry.  It approved the SELF DRIVE Act, which would create a uniform, nationwide set of laws enabling self-driving cars to operate anywhere in the United States unfettered by conflicting state regulatory schemes.  As described in my previous commentary, this legislation is essential if self-driving vehicles are to operate seamlessly in all 50 states.  It was encouraging, therefore, that the vote in committee in favor of the bill was 54 to 0, a welcome example of bipartisanship in an era of gridlock.  However, that unanimous vote would not have occurred if a deal hadn't been made to balance those competing interests.  Read the full blog here.