HR Policy Forms State and Local Committee as Employment and Labor Legislative Actions Increase Across U.S.

April 28, 2017

With more than 400 labor and employment-related bills under consideration in state capitols—and untold numbers being considered in cities and other local governments—HR Policy Association has established a State and Local Committee under the leadership of Teri Plummer McClure, Chief Human Resources Officer at United Parcel Service, Inc. The creation of the committee comes as advocates and activists are increasingly seeking legislative action in state capitols and city halls around issues that they are unable to address at the federal level.  "So far 10 member companies have volunteered to participate with the goal of forming a network of government relations and labor law professionals to address the burgeoning patchwork of new laws and regulations that are being generated involving paid leave, pay ratio, gender pay equity, scheduling rights, and other issues," said E.R. Anderson, HR Policy Vice President of Communications and Government Relations, who will be the lead staff person for the committee.  Supplementing the committee's efforts, HR Policy has partnered with Littler's Workplace Policy Institute to feature their monthly "State of the States" report in this publication.  If you would like for your company to participate in the committee, please send the name and contact information for the person with whom we can work to or call at 202-789-8655.