BEERG: UK Employee Representation on European Works Councils Uncertain in Light of Brexit

October 13, 2017

Like so many aspects of Brexit, it remains unclear whether UK employees will still have a legal right to be represented on European Works Councils, despite promises by the UK government that they will have the same rights after Brexit that they have now.  As reported in the most recent BEERG Global Labor Newsletter, the UK government intends to leave both the single market and the customs union in addition to the EU, meaning that the UK and UK employees would have a highly questionable standing, if any at all, to be represented on EWCs.  However, there are circumstances that may allow for some kinds of participation.  In light of this uncertainty, the Newsletter states, "Whether management wishes to continue to have UK representatives on their EWC is for each company to decide in light of their own circumstances."  Read the full BEERG Newsletter.