BEERG: Theresa May Florence Speech Beset by Brexit Negotiation Stalemate

September 22, 2017

Prime Minister Theresa May is preparing to give a landmark speech on the Brexit negotiations in Florence this week as the prospect of a deal between the UK and EU continues to diminish.  As reported in the most recent BEERG Global Labor Newsletter, European Policy Center CEO Fabian Zuleeg expanded on the factors creating stalemate in the ongoing Brexit negotiations in a recent report.  They include:

  • Biting reality: The UK now understands that enjoying the benefits of the single market comes with obligations.
  • Sequencing: The talks on the Irish border, the financial obligations and the rights of EU citizens have not sufficiently advanced.  The negotiations on the future EU-UK relations framework cannot start until this is resolved.
  • Transition: It has become clear that a transition period is necessary to work out the details of a new relationship between the UK and EU.
  • Future scenarios: There are two scenarios for the long-term relationship—either a variant of the Norway deal (membership without voting rights) or of the Canada deal (a negotiated trade deal, economically inferior to full Single Market membership and hard to negotiate).
The next timely meeting of BEERG's Brexit Forum will take place in London on September 26.  If you or a colleague would like to attend, please email BEERG Executive Director Tom Hayes at  Read the full BEERG Global Labor Newsletter.