BEERG Brexit Update: Election Disappointment for Conservatives Complicates Brexit

June 16, 2017

In its most recent update on Brexit, BEERG notes that given most of its readers "have a great deal of labour negotiations experience," they will know to ask what Brexit negotiators may not: "does the other side know what they want and can they deliver on a deal?"  Reflecting on the stunning election results, BEERG observes: "With less than a week to go before the Brexit talks are due to begin, and with Theresa May saying she will stick to the March 2019 deadline, we still do not know what the UK wants.  Further, there is now considerable doubt that the incoming government can deliver anything at all.  And the clock is running, started by the UK government sending the Article 50 letter to the EU at the end of March last.  Mrs. May then wasted another seven weeks by calling an unnecessary election.  The very difficult situation that the UK's Conservative government finds itself in is entirely of its own making.  What was always a weak negotiating hand to start with has been turned into practically no hand at all."  Read the full update here